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 As an event planner, you can spend months going over the smallest of details. The lighting is perfect, the sound is amazing, the decorations are beautiful, and your event is going to be incredible. The one thing you can't control is the weather. Outdoor events are at the mercy of mother nature. While you cannot dictate how your event will go, you can be prepared for the bad weather. CAP has implemented a Weather Safety Protocol for events. This includes a severe weather protocol for outdoor events and a public safety protocol for all events. When indoors, there are several elements to be aware of such as electrical hazards, trip hazards, falling equipment and props, even evacuation, and egress routes staying clear. Outdoors, a thunder and lightning protocol is used to ensure the safety of the artists, crews, clients, and patrons.


There are five reasons in which the show must be postponed:

Standing water on stage or in any tech area,

Moderate to heavy rain,

Thunder or lightning in the area,

Severe storm warning in the area.

Winds in excess of 30mph

 If there is standing water on stage, the show must be temporarily held until the standing water is removed and the stage is safe to use.

If anyone on the CAP crew receives notification from NOAA’s severe alert service regarding lightning or storms in the area, we must turn off all electrical components in use, clear any people away from any equipment, tarp all exposed equipment, and wait until the area is safe.

This will be determined by checking the National weather Service in 15-minute increments. If the storm thunder or lightning has passed and the area is safe, the show may go on.

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