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Customer Spotlight- Brad Clapp, Saddlebags- ELAN

We had the chance to take a moment and have a conversation with one of our long-time clients,

Brad Clapp, owner of Saddlebags and Élan in downtown Savannah. These one-on-one conversations are vital to our relationship with each of our clients. We asked Brad Clapp a few questions to gain some valuable feedback on how we may better serve him and his company.

Here’s what he had to say:

CAP: “Take a moment and tell everyone a little about Saddlebags and Élan”

Brad Clapp: “Saddlebags is the only bar and restaurant in downtown Savannah that is dedicated to bringing the best regional and national Country music talent to the area. Élan is a downtown venue providing top EDM DJ’s and Hip Hops’ hottest acts.”

CAP: “How has Capital A served your needs?”

BC: “Capital A has provided everything needed in order to bring top-level entertainment to Savannah. Each artist requires something different each time out. There is always some little detail that they need to perform and Capital A has always met those challenges time and time again. Everything from sound and lighting needs to providing professional sound engineers on a week to week basis.”

CAP: “How has Capital A been with communication?”

BC: “The communication has always been excellent, never any surprises, which is refreshing. Capital A has always been transparent and up front with the situation. On the service side, they are second to none. They will assess any given situation regardless of the time and provide the

necessary solution. To put it simply, I do not worry about anything that Capital A does for me as I know I am being taken care of with my best interest in mind.”

CAP: “In your opinion, what is the best part of Capital A and what does it mean to your business?”

BC: “Capital A is a direct extension of my business as a whole. The sound quality, the customer service quality, and the knowledge and experience of their engineers create the energy needed to give my customers what they expect from a venue that provides live entertainment.

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