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Working for the Holidays

July 4th was last week. For most it means an early weekend or an extended weekend or at least a nice day off to spend with family and friends. For those in this business it usually means a busy work schedule. As with most holidays our work week starts as the holiday approaches. When you see a concert or festival, fireworks display or any public gathering it is usually the result of many hours of preparation and planning. We asked one of our Audio Engineers, Mark Woodham, what it is like to have to miss many holidays due to this schedule. "I don't really think of it as missing anything, I think of it as having the best seat in the house to just abut everything. I enjoy what I do. It does get hard being away from the family but most times they can join me and we still share the experience together. I see what we do makes an impact on peoples lives and i enjoy being part of that." So next time you attend an event take a moment to think of those who made sure your holiday was perfect.

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