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Several times a year the average person attends a special event. Whether is be a concert or a festival, a corporate meeting or a special performance. Many times these events go flawless, perfect from beginning to end. Actually, that statement is only partially true. The truth is rarely do events go perfectly as planned, there are many variables that have to fall into place in order for that to happen. The truth is, there are trained professionals on hand to make sure you as the audience member never notices any type of hiccup. The average person has no idea what it takes to pull off any event flawlessly. This blog will attempt to show the other side of the production industry. A behind the curtain look at the people, the parts, the planning and the perspiration that goes into your entertainment. When you attend a huge concert you may walk by the backstage area and notice a dozen or more busses all lined up. But you count and there are only 6 people in the band. Who uses all these other busses? These would belong to the countless people required to make this “Concert of the Year” happen. The 2 hours or so the concert lasts is only the tip of the iceberg of the time and effort that goes into bringing this to life. There are usually months and months of planning and meetings and drawings and building just to make a concept a reality.

When you sit down at your next event, take a moment and take a look around and locate the Men in Black (And Women). They will usually be wearing a radio and working like a group of ants. These are the ones responsible for everything you see before you.

This Blog will attempt to show you these people from the inside. The laughs, the headaches, the conversations, observations, achievements and victories. This blog can and will also be informative, if there is anything you have always wondered about but didn’t know who to ask…shoot us an email and we will do our best to answer it the best way possible. So here’s looking forward to a wonderful 2018, we thank you for being on this journey with us. Enjoy your seat behind the curtain.

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